Spiraling R&D costs, flat productivity and an ever increasing pressure on time-to-market have become issues that pharmaceutical organizations are constantly grappling with. Novel technologies, heightened emphasis on efficiencies and the right balance between automation and human scientific inputs are some of the factors that can help address these issues.

is a focused R&D center that supports and supplements client resources at increased levels of cost-efficiency. dedicates experienced and talented scientific resources that create a seamless extension of research programs at a fractional capital outlay. We bring several years of experience for global development of new chemical entities as well as drug delivery products with proven capability in running highly streamlined and efficient research programs. This is supported by our modern and advanced research infrastructure and facilities.

provides comprehensive drug development services on a fee-for-service basis from candidacy to proof-of-concept and custom development services all the way to NDA / ANDA application. will also consider providing these drug development services on a risk/reward sharing basis.

always believes in quality and maintaining international standards for all its pharmaceutical formulations. And so research and development has always been a major component of operations. With an independent R&D department maintained by qualified chemists reaches the highest level quality in a range of research efforts, ranging from the development of new applications for existing products to upgrading formulation efficacy and improving drug delivery systems.

Promising opportunities for medical advances will soon be further explored in a well-equipped R & D Laboratory being developed by . The new laboratory's services will also be extended to offer research on a contract basis.


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