Drug Delivery Systems
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Drug Delivery Systems

's own taste masking technology
Technology advantages:
  • Fully developed, proven technology
  • Strong proprietary position
  • High drug loading
  • Medium melt time (<25 sec.)
  • Scalable & transferable technology (Pharma standard equipment)
  • Pleasant mouth feel
  • Low manufacturing cost



has accumulated significant expertise in the field of particulate coating and effervescent technology to combine these two for distinct advantages in drug delivery. For conditions such as colds and flu, we have modified our orobland technology to develop 'hot drink' tablets for cold medicines, nutraceuticals and vitamins for OTC use.

The drinktabs can be added to hot water to produce pleasant flavored solutions. A controlled release effervescent tablet system; also provides pleasant drinkable solutions.

Aqueous nasal sprays, a unique & innovative system of drug delivery !
Advantages of nasal drug delivery route:
  • Avoidance of hepatic first pass elimination
  • Gut wall / or destruction in GI tract
  • Rate and ext of absorption comparable to that of IV
  • Plasma conc Vs time profile comparable to that of IV
  • Existence of a rich vasculture and highly permeable structure in the nasal mucosa for absorption.



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